Passive house

Insulation for the passive house standard

It is not so much the design of a passive house that is decisive, but the quality of the building envelope and ventilation technology. In order to meet the correspondingly high construction criteria, passive houses are generally based on different principles. On the one hand, ventilation heat losses are significantly reduced by means of heat exchangers, so that, usually, no classic, water-based building heating is required. Above all, passive houses are characterised by their thermal insulation. According to certification criteria, a passive house must not exceed a heating requirement of 15 kilowatt hours per square metre per year. Special insulation is therefore essential.
In a passive house, the key is to reduce energy losses through transmission and ventilation. Also because the major part of the heat requirement is covered by “passive” sources such as solar radiation and heat from people and technical devices. In order for this heat to be sufficient, in addition to controlled living space ventilation with heat recovery, excellent thermal insulation of all surrounding surfaces is necessary – from the roof to the windows, basement walls and foundations. A largely sealed building envelope and the avoidance of thermal bridges and leaks at connection points is necessary. This is the only way to ensure a comfortable indoor climate with low energy consumption.
With EXY spray foams from Honter, you have the right insulation for every application. Even older buildings can be converted to the passive house standard by appropriate renovation including high-quality insulation.

Benefits of EXY in passive houses

  • Reliable thermal insulation of the entire building envelope
  • Long-lasting and stabilising
  • Prevention of thermal bridges through the homogeneous insulating layer
  • Seals even hard-to-reach areas on windows and pipes and also fills joints and cracks
  • Quick and easy application
With the right insulation, you not only achieve greater comfort, but also significantly reduce heating and ancillary costs, thereby contributing to environmental protection and the preservation of the value of your property. Find out more about options for refurbishment to the passive house standard – we would be happy to advise you.


Are you planning or building a passive house? Then contact us. Together we will find the right insulation concept for your house. Contact us now. We would be happy to advise you.


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