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EXY foam insulation - for a lifetime

For more than 35 years, we at HONTER INC. have been using high-quality spray foams to insulate buildings, improving occupants’ living experience. 

As the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane spray foam and coatings, we ensure effective thermal insulation in buildings. In doing so, we not only help make homes comfortable, but also help conserve natural resources. 

Our products can help you save up to 70% in thermal energy costs. This helps the environment and spares your wallet too.

With spray foam insulation from Honter, you save energy – for a lifetime!

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Thermal insulation in all parts of the building

Spray foam insulation

Modern insulation

Modern materials are indispensable in our lives. With their special properties, they make everyday life easier for us and ensure that we can live safely and comfortably. Plastics in particular play a key role in this. They are all around us and are extremely versatile in their application.  Depending on the requirements, insulation foams can be adjusted so that they are tailor-made for their intended use.

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For every application

Whether with an open-cell structure for locations with special requirements for air and water vapour permeability or with a closed-cell structure, as a vapour barrier: Modern spray foam insulation ensures a good indoor climate and has a sound-absorbing effect. Depending on the product, the insulation foam can even support the building. Our certified partner companies decide which spray foam insulation is best suited for your requirements. They also ensure the completion of your construction project within a very short time.

Sustainable thermal insulation

Due to its excellent price-performance ratio and its long durability, roof insulation or building insulation with HONTER spray foam pays for itself after a relatively short time. The quality of our foam insulation has proven itself thousands of times in over 35 years – in all climates around the world. Use our high-quality products and benefit from our know-how. Protect the environment – and your wallet!

Our building insulation products

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