Floor insulation

Insulate your floor and save energy

The living climate is only really comfortable when the floor inside your own four walls is at a pleasant temperature. Because no matter what the room temperature is, a “foot cold” floor can significantly impair our well-being. But floor insulation also makes sense from an energy technology perspective. Because floors or ceilings, especially above basements and soil, can cause heat losses of up to 30 percent! Here too, effective insulation makes double sense – especially for basement apartments or if you use individual rooms in the basement, for example, as an office.

EXY 34 HFO: The ideal foam for floor insulation

Extremely airtight and vapour-impermeable: With EXY 34 HFO, a closed-cell insulation spray foam, you get an extremely effective insulation layer for your basement ceiling. Since the foam is applied by spraying, the insulation material also gets into hard-to-reach places – between pipes, in the smallest corners, but also on structured plaster.

Fast and efficient: EXY insulating foams have an excellent price-performance ratio. And it’s quick to apply: up to 250 m² per day with two people!
  • Efficient thermal insulation - reduction of building heating costs and cooling
  • Improvement of the indoor climate and comfort through a pleasant floor temperature
  • Improvement of acoustics - especially in old buildings
  • No/minimal reduction of living space or ceiling height
  • Durable and low-maintenance - no risk from stress
  • Reliable air barrier - prevents cold air from entering and thus prevents water condensation


Floor insulation products

EXY 09: Tried and tested! Effective and very breathable due to its open-cell structure.
EXY 34 HFO: One of the most effective insulation materials available on the market. The new generation EXY 34 HFO


Have warm floors and save energy at the same time? No problem. We would be happy to advise you on floor insulation options – even for demanding situations.

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Individual insulation foams: If necessary, we develop foams with individual properties for you.

Now insulate the loft

Simply more space: With our loft insulation, you make unused areas homely!

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