Other accessories

FROTH-PAK™ spray foam accessories

Froth-Pak nozzles

4 different nozzles are available for the FROTH-PAK™ system. With their different properties, the yellow-green, white-blue, white/transparent, black/transparent nozzles offer peak performance for their area of application. Whether for foaming walls, roofs and ceilings or for use on smooth surfaces and for filling large cavities – we offer the right nozzle for every application. Matching FrothPak hoses are of course also available from us.

Insta Stik accessories

GREAT STUFF PRO™ gun cleaner

To keep your foam gun working perfectly for a long time, we recommend the GREAT STUFF™ gun cleaner for cleaning. It cleans reliably and ensures that no residue or adhesive remains on your PU foam spraying and working guns.
  • Dissolves and removes uncured polyurethane foam
  • Removes residues
  • Cleans many surfaces (if the surface is not damaged, test it on a small area first)

PROFI foam gun

The Teflon-coated PROFI PU foam gun is perfect for regular use by professionals. The high-quality, Teflon-coated PU foam gun stands out thanks to its ergonomic design and well thought-out structure. Teflon coating, sophisticated use of materials and adjustable throughput control make the PROFI foam gun the perfect companion for all those who have to apply foam regularly.
  • Easy cleaning: The Teflon coating prevents foam deposits and blockages
  • Perfect combination of materials: Light aluminium housing with robust steel nozzle, cast iron mechanism and solvent-resistant nylon handle
  • Ergonomic design: Perfectly shaped handle - comes in handy when using for long periods
  • Precise throughput control thanks to professional, adjustable trigger spring


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Handy set for one-time use of Honter foam insulation for private use.


Perfect for bonding insulation boards and reinforced membrane fleece to building surfaces.