Roof insulation

For all types of houses and buildings, the roof is one of the most exposed parts of a building, as it is exposed not only to constantly changing weather conditions but also to UV radiation and/or, in the case of a flat roof, standing water. As its main task is to ensure water resistance and to prevent temperature fluctuations, thermal insulation of the roof is a very desirable use of insulating materials.

Up to 70% of heat escapes through the roof in the winter and during the summer months the inside of a house may become overheated and extremely uncomfortable. Using spray foam insulation, you can obtain the necessary roof insulation with minimal load on the structure and without the creation of thermal bridges.

High-quality spray foam insulation for roof insulation requires only minimal maintenance, which consists of repairing the protective coating once every 10 to 30 years. The service life of the insulation materials with regular maintenance is at least 50 years.



  • proven tradition of quality over the past 35 years
  • 100% seamless, monolithic and highly adhesive layers
  • saving on heating costs of up to 50%
  • long service life with minimal maintenance costs

insulation materials are suitable for:

Insulation of pitched roofs

Pitched roofs are usually where the loss of heat occurs. To protect them and ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the house during winter and summer months, quality insulation is necessary. Spray foam insulation is suitable for the thermal insulation of pitched roofs.
In terms of which type of spray insulation foam, you can choose from closed-cell variants that are suitable for creating air and vapour-tight waterproofing. Please be aware that this foam insulation must be suitable for the type of use required and must be roof foam. Insulation foam with an open structure is, on the other hand, suitable for insulating rooms that vary in temperature, such as where the movement of air and water vapour are desirable with respect to timber structures for example and wherever the substrate needs to breathe.

Thermal insulation of flat roofs

Thermal insulation of flat roofs prevents heat loss, water penetration into the interior of the house and at the same time strengthens the roof, which may be useful for roofs that have to bear high snow loads. This application is very efficient and quickly provides a double benefit: thermal insulation of the flat roof and fewer leaks in the roof.
High-quality spray foam insulation, together with HONTER roof insulation coatings, will help you to prevent not only climate change and roof warming but also significantly extend a roof's lifespan at a reasonable, cost-effective price.

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