Plinth insulation

Insulation at the base of plinth level, where the above-ground part of the house connects to the foundations, protects the building from freezing, damp and subsequent mold. The insulation of the plinth level is carried out up to approximately 80 cm below the ground and eliminates the formation of thermal bridges between the peripheral walls and the foundations of the house.


In the case of thermal insulation of the plinth level, the procedure is similar to the insulation of other places inside the house. First, the area must be correctly cleaned and made ready for the application. Spray foam insulation is then applied to the dry substrate of the plinth, where it increases its original volume by up to 30 times, filling all cracks and areas in the masonry where heat could escape. The insulation foam hardens almost immediately and is ready for the application of bitumen to protect the building from rising water.

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