Ceiling insulation

Insulating the ceiling is equally essential with regards to home insulation. Insulation of the ceiling is usually part of the initial building of a house, but if has not already been carried out at the building stage, then subsequent insulation of the ceiling is more complicated. Insulation is carried out mainly by means of thermal insulation of the roof in the attic between individual beams for reasons of heat loss or thermal insulation of the roof in a cellar with regards to the insulation of the rooms above a cold basement.


Insulation of a cellar ceiling is mainly carried out to improve the thermal insulation of the rooms above the cellar. The insulation layer prevents loss of heat and thus ensures a warmer floor on the ground floor. In particular, older apartment buildings tend to lack this insulation layer in a cellar's ceiling, which separates the basement from the living area. Insulation of the ceiling in the basement is applied from below, which is a more natural way of doing it.

With the closed-cell structure insulation spray foam, you get a tremendously airtight, vapour- and waterproof layer for your cellar. Insulation of the ceiling in the basement with Honter spray foam insulation is natural because it is a spray application. It really gets into those hard-to-reach places, such as between pipes, etc.

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