House insulation

Are you planning to insulate your house? Whether it is your family home, a cottage, a prefabricated house or an office building, the most critical prerequisite for success is choosing the right quality insulation. HONTER insulation materials offer proven quality and a wide range of applications ranging from the thermal insulation of foundations and facades to roofs of various types of buildings.


  • Thermal insulation of family homes
  • Thermal insulation of buildings – administrative, industrial, etc.
  • Insulation of various elements, not only for use in the construction industry

Our insulation materials have the latest certificates and are subject to the latest standards issued by the European Union. Our insulation material for home insulation is tested in leading laboratories in Europe, Canada and the USA. This means it comes with certificates confirming first-class quality for application anywhere in the world. The products have a unique composition that we offer as the only company in Europe. We have been supplying them to the Nordic countries for many years, where they are prevalent and have excellent results confirmed by appropriate certificates.


We offer several types of insulation foams for home insulation depending on where it is to be used:

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